Nine Useful Corporate Giveaways You Can Prepare for the Holiday Season

The holiday season might still be months away but if you own or manage a business, you must realize that you need to prepare giveaways as early as now. Before you know it, the holiday season is almost near and it will be challenging to find great, affordable deals and companies that can customize/personalize your giveaways with a quick turnaround time. If you want this year’s giveaways to be unique from the ones you have always given away in the past years, check out some of these useful corporate giveaway suggestions below.

Note: Corporate giveaways must always be classy because you want your clients, employees, customers, etc. to know and feel your appreciation – you’re not giving them gifts just for the sake of it. These must also be generally affordable but not cheap. Lastly, you want these to be personalized so that it can also serve as marketing material for your company; and you want your gift to be useful.

1. Leather journal

A lot of people buy new journals in the beginning of the year. If you customize a journal made of leather as a corporate giveaway, then receivers will probably no longer purchase a different one – however, you need to make sure that the journal you give them is made for everyones taste. Opt for a leather covered journal that’s not too large or too small.

2. Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speaker ReviewsA Bluetooth speaker is always an interesting gift. Contrary to popular belief that these are quite expensive, you’ll be surprised that you can get simple Bluetooth speakers for cheap especially when you purchase them in bulk. You can choose small Bluetooth speakers for your clients and customers and larger ones for valued business partners and clients. At the moment, the Harman-Kardon onyx Studio 2 is often listed as best portable bluetooth speaker and is therefore a great product for many different occasions.

3. Umbrella

An umbrella will always be useful anywhere you are in the world and having these customized can be quite affordable too. Though it is no longer a very unique gift, it is still much appreciated.

4. Portable coffee presser

Coffee makers are quite pricey but if you want a classy gift to give, choose portable coffee pressers instead.

5. Tumblers

From steel flasks to mugs to mason jars and regular tumblers, you can have all these customized for giveaways.

6. Desk calendar

It doesn’t matter if everyone has their own calendar on their phone or on their computer. It is still most convenient to have a desk calendar readily available if you quickly need to check dates.

7. Notepad

Notepads are also not entirely new but are still very useful – very easy to customize too!

8. Bottle of wine with case

If budget is not too tight, prepare bottles of wines as corporate giveaway. These are always classy and luxurious gifts. To personalize, have cases customized – boxes, baskets, or even wooden wine holders!

9. Smartphone ring-grip

A lot of people own smartphones. When smartphone ring-grips were invented just recently, everybody wanted one; however, not a lot of people own one yet. Your clients and employees will surely appreciate it when you give them a smartphone ring-grip for the holiday season.