• Embrace Adventure and Tour Latin America by Motorcycle

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    February 8, 2018 /  Tour & Travel

    When considering a long holiday run, many people tend to restrict their options to places where the locals speak English. This is really a shame: South America offers everything from cities with centuries-old architecture to beautiful nature to a chance to party hard. Best of all, it’s dirt cheap: a quart of beer might cost you $2, while a meal at a restaurant catering to locals can be in the $3 to $5 range. Visa requirements are basically non-existent.

    Getting Around

    Just like everywhere, there are two types of roads in South America: the good and the less good. Assuming that you’re from the First World, you’ll find that the latter category is a little more common than you’re used to.

    Riding between major cities should be no problem, but bringing an exotic bike that works on nothing but billiard-table smooth asphalt is not a good idea. For one thing, even if you don’t plan on taking side roads, you’ll probably want to eventually. For another, if you break down, the local taller might have to order all you need in the way of parts from who-knows-where for delivery in a place without much of a postal service.

    Apart from that, it’s best to read up on possible destinations and plan a rough itinerary. Bolivia, for instance, is fantastic with the exception of La Paz, which isn’t even worth riding through. A spare GPS won’t go amiss, as road signage isn’t always enough to navigate by.

    Where to Stay

    Except in very small towns, you will probably be spoiled for choice when it comes to hotels, backpackers’, hosterias and hostals. Unless you insist on an establishment with a star rating, the best way to find a place to sleep is to ask a taxista or local. People are generally not unwilling to help a stranger out, and many of them will have a niece’s-husband’s-cousin’s-friend they’d be happy to steer business to.

    Backpacker’s lodges are fun, as you will be able to meet people from all corners of the world who generally speak English. The downside is that accommodation is usually in dorm room format – comfortable enough, but without much privacy. Small, family-run hotels are another good option. I once paid $8 a night for a double room with en suite bath; nothing fancy, but clean and friendly.

    Society in Latin America

    As is well known, South America is 90%+ Roman Catholic, but fanaticism is rare. In fact, attitudes toward how other people – including tourists – live their lives are pretty laid-back and permissive. You shouldn’t do doughnuts in front of a church (you weren’t planning to, were you?), but any kind of normal, respectful behavior will raise no eyebrows.

    Except for Venezuela, parts of Colombia and slums everywhere in the world, Latin America is a fairly safe place unless you put yourself in danger. That means: don’t walk through bad areas at midnight, drunk and wearing a coat made of $100 bills. Police rarely hassle foreigners unnecessarily, but if one does confront you it is usually not a good idea to try bribery. Just pay the fine and save yourself a world of trouble.

    When interacting with locals, you’ll probably be surprised as to the personal nature of the questions they ask right off the bat. Are you married, and if not, why? How much money do you earn? What football (never called soccer) club do you support? From their point of view, none of this is offensive. As an outsider, they can’t get to know you through your family, colleagues and friends, so these are really just icebreakers in a society where la familia broadly defines your identity.

    Planning a Trip

    Quite a bit of relevant information is available on the internet, including on how to ship your bike to where you want to go. Unfortunately, the truth is that you’ll need to take a Spanish speaker along to get the most out of the experience. In fact, if you can organize a largish group, it might be worthwhile fitting out a van as a mobile workshop – Bikers Basics is a good place to start for things your local hardware store doesn’t stock. Alternatively, several companies offer organized tours and rental bikes.

  • 5 Essential Hygienic Devices Every Home and Household Should Have

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    June 8, 2017 /  Home & Kitchen Needs

    Hygiene is definitely one of the most important things that a human being can learn. Proper hygiene requires more than just rinsing your mouth out with mouthwash or wearing deodorant before you leave the house; rather, the concept of personal hygiene refers to how an individual takes care of their entire body, which also carries over to the hygiene they keep when sleeping or eating. Just as much as we like to keep our body’s healthy and strong by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, we basically involve all the principles of maintaining cleanliness and grooming the physical body.

    In the past, personal hygiene was not as emphasized as it was today; settlers in the 19th century and earlier often had to deal with hard labor and unfavorable living conditions that would make it difficult to shower daily. Even the rich folks could not find the resources to maintain a regular hygiene regimen, which is why they would invest heavily in perfumes and powders to keep them smelling clean and fresh.

    Today, however, the situation is completely different. Many of us believe that they require an arsenal of hygienic products and devices to be presentable and clean. While this is mostly true, there are still some basics that should be included in every household. The items and devices do not have to be expensive, however; they are instrumental in helping people to maintain good personal hygiene.

    No excuses! Yes, living in a particular climate will have its quirks regarding hygiene, but don’t make it an excuse not to look after yourself.

    That being said, let’s take a look at 5 essential hygienic devices that you absolutely should not be without in your living quarters – for shame!

    1. Hand Sanitizing Dispensers

    Hand sanitizers are great for cleaning hands. Rather than rely on blocks of messy soap to clean the hands of different people in the household, hand sanitizers dispense soap easily and quickly. They are also useful when traveling or when cleaning your hands in public spaces.

    2. Excellent Quality Toothbrushes

    A quality toothbrush can make all the difference between healthy gums and bleeding ones. Toothbrushes allow one to maintain clean and healthy teeth, which allows for fresh breath. A quality toothbrush should be made with quality filaments that will protect your gums from damage or bleeding. You can even invest in a smart toothbrush, or one of those specialized ones that are made for a specific purpose. Case in point, Waterpik is an excellent choice – not only does it run purely on water, thus saving you money in terms of buying toothbrushes every so often, but they are perfect for every type of condition, whether your teeth are sensitive, or whether you have braces.

    3. A Proper Nail Cutter for Hands and Feet

    Your extremities say a lot about your grooming habits – icky hands and feet are a turn-off for almost ANYONE. A nail cutter allows you to trim your nails and keep them in good condition. This ensures that your nails are in good shape and free of problems such as hanging nails or infected nail beds.

    4. Durable, Exfoliating Back Scrubbers

    Our backs are some of the most neglected areas on our bodies. A back scrubber is designed to specifically allow you to clean and exfoliate your back. A quality scrubber should massage your backside, removing any grime or dead skin cells that may have accumulated.

    5. Firm, Yet Gentle Toilet Paper

    Without a doubt, toilet papers are a must have in every household. Toilet papers are as personal as a product gets and without them, the task of maintaining personal hygiene would be a lot more difficult.

  • Examples of Must-Have Small Kitchen Gadgets and Appliances

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    February 26, 2017 /  Home & Kitchen Needs

    Small Kitchen Gadgets and AppliancesWhipping up delicious meals for your family should not be that big of a problem if your kitchen is equipped with the right kind of appliances and gadgets that can make food preparation easy and hassle-free. The following are some of these important kitchen appliances that you should have:


    Leftovers are a pretty common thing in most households wherever you are in the world. Instead of just throwing them out even if they are still good and edible, put them in a microwave and heat them up for a few minutes so you can enjoy another plateful of mouthwatering goodness, whether it is fish, pork, beef, pasta, bread, pizza, rice, or coffee.

    Toaster oven

    If you prefer having a quick breakfast right before you go to work, get a toaster oven. In only about two to three minutes, you can get quality toasted slices of bread that you can enjoy with your favorite spreads, such as peanut butter, strawberry jam, or butter. Moreover, a lot of modern toasters today offer more features that allow you to cook fish, vegetables, and meat; bake pastries; and even roast chicken and other things, so you can consider it as a reliable alternative to full cookers if you only have a small living space available.


    Having a blender in the kitchen can help you if you need to mix or puree vegetables, fruits, and other things. It comes in different brands, prices, shapes, sizes, and functionalities, so get one that meets your needs. For instance, there is a type of blender known as an immersion blender, which offers the basic blending functions plus more high-tech features that can get things done faster. If you go for a hand held immersion type, you can easily maneuver it to mix, chop, or liquefy soft food substances for your soup, stew, and other recipes.

    Coffee maker

    Many people rely on coffee to keep them going throughout the day. With a coffee maker, you can prepare as much coffee as you want for breakfast and some more to take to work with you. Whether you like espresso, cappuccino, or caffe latte, a coffee maker can quench your thirst for caffeine and help save you money from those overpriced ones available at coffee shops.

    Electric mixer

    If you like to spend your weekends and days off baking, having an electric mixer is extremely handy. While mixing by hand is not really so bad, it can get quite tiring and exhausting after some time, most especially if there are a lot of ingredients that need to be stirred and mixed. With an electric hand-held mixer, you can finish the task much faster and avoid hurting your arm and hands.

  • Nine Useful Corporate Giveaways You Can Prepare for the Holiday Season

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    August 9, 2016 /  Music Lover

    The holiday season might still be months away but if you own or manage a business, you must realize that you need to prepare giveaways as early as now. Before you know it, the holiday season is almost near and it will be challenging to find great, affordable deals and companies that can customize/personalize your giveaways with a quick turnaround time. If you want this year’s giveaways to be unique from the ones you have always given away in the past years, check out some of these useful corporate giveaway suggestions below.

    Note: Corporate giveaways must always be classy because you want your clients, employees, customers, etc. to know and feel your appreciation – you’re not giving them gifts just for the sake of it. These must also be generally affordable but not cheap. Lastly, you want these to be personalized so that it can also serve as marketing material for your company; and you want your gift to be useful.

    1. Leather journal

    A lot of people buy new journals in the beginning of the year. If you customize a journal made of leather as a corporate giveaway, then receivers will probably no longer purchase a different one – however, you need to make sure that the journal you give them is made for everyones taste. Opt for a leather covered journal that’s not too large or too small.

    2. Bluetooth speaker

    Bluetooth Speaker ReviewsA Bluetooth speaker is always an interesting gift. Contrary to popular belief that these are quite expensive, you’ll be surprised that you can get simple Bluetooth speakers for cheap especially when you purchase them in bulk. You can choose small Bluetooth speakers for your clients and customers and larger ones for valued business partners and clients. At the moment, the Harman-Kardon onyx Studio 2 is often listed as best portable bluetooth speaker and is therefore a great product for many different occasions.

    3. Umbrella

    An umbrella will always be useful anywhere you are in the world and having these customized can be quite affordable too. Though it is no longer a very unique gift, it is still much appreciated.

    4. Portable coffee presser

    Coffee makers are quite pricey but if you want a classy gift to give, choose portable coffee pressers instead.

    5. Tumblers

    From steel flasks to mugs to mason jars and regular tumblers, you can have all these customized for giveaways.

    6. Desk calendar

    It doesn’t matter if everyone has their own calendar on their phone or on their computer. It is still most convenient to have a desk calendar readily available if you quickly need to check dates.

    7. Notepad

    Notepads are also not entirely new but are still very useful – very easy to customize too!

    8. Bottle of wine with case

    If budget is not too tight, prepare bottles of wines as corporate giveaway. These are always classy and luxurious gifts. To personalize, have cases customized – boxes, baskets, or even wooden wine holders!

    9. Smartphone ring-grip

    A lot of people own smartphones. When smartphone ring-grips were invented just recently, everybody wanted one; however, not a lot of people own one yet. Your clients and employees will surely appreciate it when you give them a smartphone ring-grip for the holiday season.

  • How Exactly Does an Air Purifier Clean the Indoor Air

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    December 1, 2014 /  Home & Kitchen Needs

    To improve the indoor air quality of your house, you should consider investing in an air purifier. Unlike before, the best system today is a unit that can remove more than just pollutants. When you shop around, you’ll find items that can also control unwanted smell. In this way, you’ll breathe easier.

    HEPA filter

    It’s the most popular filtration system of this appliance. There are plenty of purifiers on the market that utilize this filtration system. You can opt for a filter that’s replaceable or you can choose to purchase a unit with permanent filer.

    Air PurifierAn air purifier with HEPA filter is the most preferred unit because it can remove 99% of airborne pollutants.

    If you choose a bigger unit for a larger room, this appliance can significantly improve the air quality, thereby, improving your respiratory conditions. On the other hand, if you choose a unit without filter, you can still take advantage of its filtration capacity but it can only remove 80% of the pollutants.

    Removing unwanted smoke and pet odor

    If you intend to buy an air purifier solely to remove unwanted smell then you should consider getting a unit with pre-filter system. It’s a hybrid type of purifier that can be an expensive option. This unit is unique because of its activated charcoal. It’s the one that absorbs the odor by eliminating the odor-causing particles from the air.

    Before you shop and purchase an air purifier, you should first consider the size of the room where you’ll be installing the unit. Choose a bigger size unit if you’ll be placing it in a bigger room. Don’t go with a small-sized unit for a bigger space because the machine will only work hard, thereby, shortening its life.

    Go for a unit that’s manufactured by a brand known for manufacturing top-quality air purification machine. Then, choose a unit that comes with a filter that requires replacement every 5 years or more, the best rated air purifier will definitely have such a long change interval.

    If you’ll be placing it in a small room, choose a model that’s small yet powerful enough to eliminate pollutants from the air. Make sure that it can effectively clean the air so the indoor air quality will be 99% cleaner.

    Although it’s a huge investment to purchase an air purifier, it’s worth your money. This is especially true if you have respiratory problems or if one of your family members is smoking, plus it’s a great addition to your recently bought thermostat.

  • How to Maximize the Benefits of Security Cameras

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    September 25, 2014 /  Best Commercial Use Tools

    Security CamerasProtecting your property from theft can be done by installing a security camera, it’s expensive but worth an investment. However, as with every appliance you need to conduct a thorough research so you can find a perfect unit that can meet your requirements. In this way, you’ll have a unit that’s optimized and that works properly.


    Motion detection

    Having this camera installed in your home is crucial. When you need to go through the video and want to find something, you will have to spend hours of your time to find parts that you want to study.

    It’s best to have a motion detection feature on your security camera because the unit will not record everything. Rather, it will only start recording when it detects that something or someone is moving. Then, it will stop again when the movement ceases.

    With this feature, you can avoid running out of space on your hard drive. Not only that. Searching through all your videos will be a lot easier as the feeds are shorter. But you will have all the things you want to examine.


    In addition to having the right features, it is also essential that you choose the right location. It will be pointless to install your security camera in a place where you know you won’t find an answer. Thus, you must avoid placing it where trees or bushes can be an obstruction.

    It takes experimentation to find the right place in your house where you can install this device. If you don’t want to undergo trial and error, it’s ideal to hire a professional to help you find the right location in your house where you can optimize the use of your camera. You may need to spend more when hiring a pro, but it’s all worth it.

  • What an Exercise Bike Can Do?

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    August 29, 2014 /  Exercise at Home

    Ok, an ercise bike may not be a real bike, but this, too, can offer you immense health benefits, in addition to its low-impact way of burning serious calories. If you’re serious about torching your extra fats but you’re too busy to go out, then this equipment might just be the right one for your hectic schedule.

    Exercise BikeMaintain a healthy weight

    With this fitness equipment, you don’t have an excuse anymore not to exercise. Indoor biking, per se, is proven to help in maintaining a healthy weight. Women who bike for at least 4 hours a week are less likely to gain some weight than women who don’t bike at all.

    Improve cardiovascular health

    This is especially beneficial if you have family history of heart disease. An exercise bike may help in drastically improving your heart’s health. In fact, it can reduce your risk of heart disease by 50%.

    Lower chances of suffering from breast cancer

    If you use this bike 30 minutes a day, you’re reducing your risk of suffering from breast cancer and other types of malignant tumors.

    Prevent any type of illnesses

    Using this bike every day for at least half an hour is good for your health. Some studies showed that those who bike on a regular basis take fewer sick days. Bikers also experienced fewer health complaints.

    Finding your first exercise bike

    Well, it’s not easy, there are tons of indoor bikes on the market. You may think that when you obtain the most expensive bike you will automatically have the most durable unit, but keep in mind that price doesn’t determine how long the bike can last. If you’re looking for the best recumbent exercise bicycle, you’ll see that there’s more to it than price alone.

    When purchasing your first ever exercise bike, you must know your fitness level and how much you’re willing to pay. From there, you can narrow down your choices and obtain that perfect bike.

  • Should You Buy a Convection Oven, or Can You Save the Money

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    August 13, 2014 /  Home & Kitchen Needs

    With convection ovens, home cooking is becoming a lot easier. This type of oven will help you prepare and use baking methods that were once reserved for professional chefs.

    Convection Oven

    Why buy this type of oven?

    One of the main reasons consumers buy it is its even heat distribution, and they also like the consistent baking results that this oven can offer.

    Is it different from a traditional oven?

    Your traditional oven utilizes radiant heat in order to cook food. The problem with it is that you won’t achieve even cooking as one side of your dish may receive more heat than its other side.

    With a convection oven, even cooking is achievable as the heat circulates constantly inside providing consistent temperature on all surfaces. This is even true for microwaves, as these convection microwave reviews prove.

    How fast can you cook with a convection oven?

    Because of the increased and even temperature, it’s faster to cook with a convection oven. The airflow allows the fats to render quicker than if they’re cooked in a traditional oven. Generally, cooking time with this type of oven is shorter than 20%.

    Do you need special pans?

    You can use regular pans for your convection oven. But you must refer to your oven’s manufacturer’s instructions on the type of pan that you can use on a specific cooking method.

  • How to Check if a Room Air Conditioner Will be Good Enough

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    July 27, 2014 /  Home & Kitchen Needs

    Choosing to invest your money in buying a new air conditioner could be among your coolest moves this summer. When the weather begins to get warmer than usual, staying indoors remains a more appealing option than heading outdoors. In such circumstances, you would need to gear up for ensuring that your summer does not leave you with a short fuse. Hence, it would be useful to get your existing air conditioners serviced.

    Air ConditionerRoom air conditioners operate by passing air across several coils. A refrigerant applied on these coils removes the heat from the air, these coils recirculate the cooled air in the room, thereby making it cool.

    Depending on the type of air conditioner you plan to buy, you would need to consider different factors. For a new room air conditioner, always keep the following factors in mind.

    1. Check that the cooling capacity of the air conditioner corresponds to the size of the room.
    2. Confirm that the electrical system of your house can meet the power requirements of the new air conditioner.
    3. Consider how you plan to mount your air conditioner in the room. For example, the positioning of an air conditioner must be in such a manner that it can provide appropriate levels of cooling throughout the room. Thus, a long, narrow room would need an air conditioner that can provide a fan control for directing the cooled air into remote corners of the room.
    4. Air conditioners have filters that need regular cleaning for greater efficacy. Hence, the filter must be easily accessible so that you can remove and clean it easily.
    5. In-built timers in an air conditioner can help regulate the cooling of the room, thereby preventing unnecessary consumption of power.

    Eventually, your budget will decide if you should purchase a room or central air conditioner. However, buying that new air conditioner for your house will not cause you to break into a sweat any more.

  • The Most Important Features of Garbage Disposals

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    July 24, 2014 /  Home & Kitchen Needs

    A garbage disposal is a powerful appliance that you can install in your kitchen, it pulverises solid food waste for easy disposal. This appliance first came out in 1927. Recently, you can find more and more models on the market with unique features. You can even find a unit that comes with a grinding technology and inject microorganisms that will help in breaking down of food waste into your home’s septic system.

    The first thing you need to know when renewing your garbage disposal is what the important features of this appliance are.

    1.Size of the motor

    Different models come with a range of motor sizes, from ½ HP to ¾ HP to 1 HP. The best motor size will depend on the type of food waste that you will usually insert into this appliance.

    For instance, if you will only use it to grind soft foods, then a unit with 1/3 to ½ HP will do just fine. However, if you don’t want to have smoother operation, then getting a model with a 1 HP motor from InSinkerator is ideal. It prevents clogging and stress to your water waste system.

    2.Type of feed

    Models can have a continuous feed or batch feed. The former is the easiest to use, you just need to turn it off and on. The latter requires you to insert the food waste into a chamber, close it, and activate its grinder before it can pulverize the waste. It’s more expensive than continuous feed.

    3.The chamber

    Or commonly known as the grinding chamber. This is where the food waste is being pulverized. It’s ideal to have a unit with larger HP motor as it can easily handle more waste volume.

    It’s also a good idea to opt for a unit with a stainless steel chamber. This will make the unit easier to clean.

    When purchasing a garbage disposal, you must not focus on the price of the unit. Rather, study its features first and opt for a unit that can make your life easier. Whatever model you choose, you must make sure that you can maintain the health of your septic system.

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